Tim Melican – Executive Producer

Tim, who resides in Massachusetts with his wife and two children, started Subsoil Films LLC in April of 2020 to create super quality, low budget films based off of great scripts and stories. He saw a plethora of content in the horror genre that lacked quality story and was determined to fill that void. Tim comes from a background of marketing & branding after building multiple semi-professional soccer clubs as well as a network for West Ham United Supporters from all over the world. In 2018, he founded American Hammers TV, a YouTube show that turned into a podcast with a hefty internet presence. Tim oversees the content for Subsoil Films as an Executive Producer.

Jesse Kozel – Producer

Jesse joins the Subsoil Films team with a 30-year career in the entertainment industry. Beginning as a child actor, he transitioned to theatre arts and eventually to film and television. Jesse began producing after he found a lack of stories existed for himself and many of his friends who were actors at the time. In 2010 he produced his first SAG short film which garnered both critical and commercial acclaim and was honored by the Screen Actors Guild and the Writers Guild of America. Since then, Jesse has worked as the head of Creative Development for two production companies and has held production positions on projects from companies such as Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company, ABC Television, HBO, ESPN, NBC, Warner Bros., and the Sundance Institute. He is serious about his love of film and sees Subsoil Films as a chance to bring the audience quality genre entertainment that has sorely been lacking in the last decade.


Brandon E. Brooks – Director/Writer/Producer/Actor/Stuntman

Director/Screenwriter/Producer Brandon E. Brooks has over twenty years of experience in front & behind the camera. During this time frame, Brandon has scripted over sixty feature & short film, TV pilot screenplays, as well as television commercial copy. Brandon has directed and produced various low budget independent feature and short film projects. Brandon has also assisted in casting for films such as M. Night Shylaman’s “Signs” (Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix), “Killing Emmett Young” (Tim Roth, Gabriel Byrne), and “Miami Vice” (Colin Farrell, Jaime Foxx).


Next, Brandon assistant directed a television pilot titled “Franklin Charter”, which starred veteran actors Laurence Lau, David Forsythe, and Amy Carlson. In late 2006, Brandon was the unit production manager for the third film in the “Unknown” trilogy, titled Gone, which starred supermodel turned actress Angie Everhart (Bordello of Blood). Next, Brandon assistant directed the thriller “Aftermath”, which stars Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) & Monica Keena (Freddy vs. Jason). Brooks produced a thriller out on Amazon Prime and Tubi TV titled “The Quiet Ones” (Courtney Gains, Reggie Bannister), and produced a psychological drama titled “A Man Possessed” (professional wrestler Tom "Tommy Dreamer" Laughlin), which hit the distribution market in February 2019 and can be seen on Amazon Prime.


Brandon directed & produced an action horror thriller he scripted that is in post right now titled “Sickness” (Brian O’Halloran, Katarina Leigh Waters). Brandon is currently the producer & casting director for an independent crime thriller “Not for Nothing”, which starred Mark Webber (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), Lauren LaVera (Terrifier 2) and Al Sapienza (The Sopranos). Brandon directed a segment of a horror anthology titled “10-31-01”, which is part of the Subsoil Films anthology “Seasons” starring horror icons Eric Freeman (Silent Night, Deadly Night 2) & Reggie Bannister (Phantasm).

Alex Sheffield – Head of Marketing

Alex, who resides in Mississippi comes to Subsoil Films with 25 years in the sports industry with various positions in marketing, branding, and sales with Professional Hockey, Major League Baseball (Tampa Bay Rays) and currently works in the college sports space with Learfield IMG College. In partnership with Tim Melican, he assisted in the growth of American Hammers TV with contributions in front of and behind the camera by developing social content, revenue generation campaigns, and digital strategies that established an international following for American Hammers TV. Alex oversees digital & marketing strategies for Subsoil Films.